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Flying dinosaur Chase – flying debris, vine motion, turbulent dust, plant motion.

Avatar ground battle --  Look dev. and lighting support for tracers, muzzle flashes, gun smoke, including python script to help automate lighting scene setup.

Smoke Monster – automated processing of geo for volume emission.

Day The Earth Stood Still -- FG nanobot swarms, decaying clothing.

Chop Shop Grinder -- The parts inside the grinders are rigid body simulations.  I also did the grinder steam, and bouncing of FG junk.

Chop Shop Battle --  Crowd system.

Steam Train --  Exhaust.

Rope Bridge Debris -- Maya particles.

Water surface ripples -- procedural displacement  on a booleaned volume.

Statue Vines --  I did the flames, sparks and smoke.

Train Station – crowd system development, and layout in this shot.

Bigweld Returns --  I took the in-house crowd system from proof-of-concept to production ready, and lead it’s implementation through-out the production of “Robots”.

Airship – exhaust, using Blue Sky’s in-house volume ray tracer.

Snowboarding – Maya particles.

Diego --  Snow.

Sid – splashes.

Truck --  Exhaust was done using Blue Sky’s proprietary method of applying noise to an isosurface defined by particle radii.

Arrrows – instanced particles.

Wave – deforming NURBS patch.

Dominoes – The bulk of the the dominoes were generated in Blue Sky’s rendering language, and driven over a NURBS patch from animation.  The bouncing dominoes are instanced to Maya particles.

Ball Bearings – Maya particles.